I Love Jesus!


He is the air that I breathe now! 

Because of this love, I LOVE to talk to people about him.  God gave me the "Gift of Gab" and the desire to share the good news.  My heart hopes we can share in this love together.

What I have learned during my walk with Jesus is he is a life saver and a game changer. Because of this, I recently wrote a book called:   

"Peace through the Mental Storms!"  A 22-Day Devotional.

I offer, testimonies, tips and tried and true methods on how to live with anxiety in your life guiding you towards a pathway of healing.  Of course the foundation of healing is love from our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am trusting in God's ultimate plan on the timing of publishing and release of my book.  So until then, lets meditate in him together.  Here.



If you are busy stay-at- home mom (or dad), working parent, young adult, retired, whomever! Allow me to help you take some time for Jesus.  Grab some calming tea, relax, feed your mind with some scripture and God breathed words with this Sister in Christ!  

Grace and Love.


"If you believe "the universe" (a.k.a, a tree, a star, water, sun, moon, etc.) can control your life, why don't you take it a step further and trust that a creator is behind this creation.  That a king is in control?  I feel more secure praying to a God than a hot sun or millions of stars!!! I am surely not in their best interest. But I know I am in God's.  He even wrote a book on it too!"

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