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The Air That I Breathe

In a world where anxiety has reached unprecedented levels, The Air That I Breathe addresses many struggles and offers a path toward relief and healing. If anxiety has its grip on you and you're searching for solutions, this guide is here to lend a helping hand.


Author, speaker, and award-winning podcaster Jodi Howe knows this battle intimately as she has grappled with and mastered anxiety and panic disorder. Jodi's personal growth, unwavering resilience, and empowerment through her faith led her to a place of profound reliance on Jesus. Inside these pages, Jodi extends her hand with encouragement, insightful counsel, and pragmatic guidance for managing anxiety.


Her story is interwoven with her faith-fueled growth, the significance of professional assistance, and necessary lifestyle adjustments, all of which were indispensable tools in conquering anxiety's grasp. Each person's journey is unique, and while the road to recovery may wind, a bedrock of faith can supply unwavering solace and strength.


Discover practical strategies to confront anxiety and diminish fear in this book. Imagine a life anchored in tranquility and confidence. You can rise above anxiety's challenges and survive and thrive in the world surrounding you. Jodi invites you to join her on a journey of healing that begins now.






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