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Launching my YouTube channel and doing live podcasts. 

More to come.....

I had the blessed opportunity to emcee an online author Christmas celebration.   So much fun!

Join Jodi Howe and her guest, Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry who enthusiastically teaches the care of mind, body and spirit, assisting others to learn the importance of reaching their full God-given potential through her Visibly Fit™ program—a total wellness and body weight resistance exercise program to how we can work on our Mind & Bodies & especially Spirit reducing anxiety and learning to live our best life.  

Interview with bible study teacher Rachel Price on how to effectively study the bible.  Check out this interview and check out her website: for more bible study tips.

Interview with speaker, humorists and author,

Yvonne Conte about laughing, faith and hope.

Interview with a commercial airline Pilot, Rich!  

If you have a fear of flying, YOU MUST Watch this interview.  It was filled with information, knowledge, wisdom!  & I feel so much better about getting up on that next flight.  

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