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Peace through the Mental Storms

Peace through the Mental Storms

"Healing Anxiety and Panic Disorder through Gods Love"

~A 22 day devotional

This is God's idea.

When you begin to breathe the air of Jesus, he breathes within you the words to share!

Are you Longing for a peaceful mind? Do you suffer from Anxiety & Panic? Trusting God thru the storms in your mind can work wonders. Jesus is made of wonders overcoming the world so trusting in him is proof you can see miracles unfold before your eyes.

God brought me to the cross, introduced me to Jesus and took my secular breath away. Giving me a new air to breathe. Air that is filled with faith, hope, trust and love. Inhaling anxiety, fear, panic and suffering, exhaling peace, calm, joy and healing. God gave me a peaceful mind.

I have suffered with Anxiety and Panic Disorder (Panic Attacks) for a large part of my adult life. My first true experience was when I was walking through my College graduation not even knowing what was happening to my mind and body. I had to leave the processional and go and sit in the venues medic room throughout my graduation because my mind was telling me I was having a heart attack. Instead, I learned I was having an anxiety attack. The medics did a full work up and released me assuring me I was just fine. To this day I'm convinced my mother still thinks I overslept and missed my graduation. I moved on.

Fast-forward months later, another anxiety attack hits while I'm out with a bunch of friends one night, which once again, brought me to the ER. Still not understanding what was happening to my body. After an EKG and full work up, the doctors assured me I was just fine. I moved on.

Several years later I was living out on the West Coast in Northern California with my soon-to-be husband. He traveled a lot and I was left alone. Loneliness, coupled with fear of the future and getting married, anxiety attack number three hit. At this point in my life the Internet was available and a good source of information. I researched my symptoms and discovered I have anxiety and panic disorder. Yet a huge stigma was placed on this along with depression. I felt like a crazy person and didn't know where to turn. I talked to a doctor and he tried giving me some ideas (strategies if you will) on how to work through it, which I believed helped for the short term. He assured me I was just fine. I moved on.

Life continued to play its course and faithfully brought me to married life and children. A move back to the East Coast and back to family brought a new life. It seemed my Anxiety subsided for a while. In fact, I didn't even think much about it. Then the year before I was turning 40, my Anxiety and Panic Disorder came back with a vengeance. Other than the fear of getting older, I didn't have specific reasons as to why I was feeling the way I was feeling. But I was terrified. In fact, looking back at all of the episodes, there were never specific reasons, just reasons that manifested in my mind, coupled with what I truly believe is a chemical imbalance, all of this led to complete loss of control of my mind.

This episode was so severe that physically got sick. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't function. This time my doctor couldn't in good faith or in good practice, assure me I was just fine. And in no way, shape or form, could I move on.

After a tremendous amount of research, I decided medication was necessary for me to start to get my life back. But it wasn't, nor will ever be, enough. In addition, I began to shift my thought process with a radical acceptance that this was my cross to bear, even though I was still under water and needed to continued fighting through this storm. But as the waves subsided, I found another source of medicine, raft, if you will, that changed my life forever.

Enter the Lord!


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