• Ken Howe

Why I am a Jesus Lovin' Gal!

Within the last decade, I came upon a beautiful discovery. It’s an obvious one, but yet it's the best kept secret. I mean if ALL people truly new its life altering possibilities, they would ALL be on board right? You would think! In fact recently, Kathie Lee Gifford, (in response to her die-hard faith) spoke about how if you knew the cure to cancer, wouldn't you want to share it with the world? Like her, I wont give up sharing the "Good News". I don't know the cure for cancer, but I do have assurance in a cure for a troubled heart, anxiety and fear!

How you ask?

This is how I understand this crazy, "hot mess" of a world.

During my many years on earth, nothing and know one has given me more clarity. Like many, with every intention of living my best life, the enemy has lurked and reeked havoc on a lot of my pathways and altered my circumstances. Why? Because I trusted the world and not God. I have not be immune to anxiety, death, sadness, marital problems (with a year separation), major financial problems (total loss of money), troubled teenage years with my oldest (with very little solutions), unfortunate friend conflicts...........Aka, Life.

Yet, through it all, my eyes are on him. Constantly teaching me about this “thing” called life. Showing me unconditional love even when I don’t love back. Giving me strength in the storms. A deep-rooted Joy in the nastiest, most awful storm after storm after storm. Forgiveness of each and everything I do or don't do. Precise directions in my every day with a manual to follow. A guarantee this home is not our forever home so death does not win!

In the face of adversity, he gives me Humility.

In the face of tragedy, he gives me Understanding.

In the face of discernment, he gives me Wisdom.

In the face of doubt, he gives me Hope!

In a hopeless world, he gives me Truth.

At the end of the day, he gives me Peace.

Sense my intense passion? Indeed, I have discovered this amazing Divine presence that works so beautifully in my life. His name is God! His son is Jesus. My heart has his holy spirit. They are the Holy Trinity. And they are amazing!

I am always a work in progress and just a girl who loves Jesus! No predisposition, no ulterior motive, just a calling to influence any who will listen (or read) about Jesus & his miraculous presence in my life.

I am breathing Jesus breathed air that is ultimately keeping me alive and thriving, so if you are gasping for air in your daily, chaotic life I hope you come along with me so we can discover more of Jesus and his truth(s) together.

Stay tuned as I indulge you in my journey of faith and peace! A life only Christ can prevail in!

Oh and Hey, you never know, you may learn something and find out what an actual "peaceful moment" feels like.


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